The Horrible Healthcare In Massachusetts

by Gabe Berman
Gabe is the author of Live Like A Fruit Fly

As the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney ruthlessly reformed the state’s healthcare which was used as the model for the Affordable Care Act – aka Obamacare.

And how have the people in Massachusetts fared? Abysmally.

The state is now bankrupt and only 2% of the people are able to afford healthcare.

Wait a moment please…someone is whispering something in my ear.

Oh, I’m sorry. It seems as though I have the facts wrong.

In actuality, Massachusetts isn’t bankrupt. Far from it.

“There were concerns that there would be spiraling spending and out-of-control cost overruns," said Glen Shor, executive director of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority. “That has just eminently not been the case at all."

Furthermore, according to, 99% of the elderly, 99% of children and 97% of non-elderly adults between the ages of 19 and 64 now have health insurance.

How dare you Mr. Romney? How dare you?

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