Fed Response To Arizona Immigration Ruling: Set Up Racial Profiling Hotline!?


ICYMI: Below was the USDA's advertisments for their 'food stamp' program:

On Today's Show ... Fallout from yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on the Arizona immigration law continues. Some conservatives are accusing the Obama Administration of 'waging war' on the state. Meanwhile, liberals are worried the one upheld provision of SB 1070 will lead to racial profiling! The DOJ has even set up a hotline for those who feel targeted by Arizona's police. Tom tries to shuffle through the spin and asks why securing the border has become so political?

    The Cost Of Poverty

Once again, government proves that throwing money at a problem doesn't work. Despite a massive increase in welfare spending over the years, American Thinker points out there has been no change in the poverty level.

Does 'social spending' actually encourage poverty? And how do we 'fight' poverty without throwing more money at it?


    Recover On The Horizon? --

Homes prices have increased once again.

Is the 'bottom' finally behind us and are we finally on the road to recovery? Are you thinking about jumping in the market?