John Gibson Program for Tuesday, June 26th 2012

Silence! The Obama Media is all a flutter about how very little Mitt Romney and his Campaign have to say about the Supreme Court's Arizona ruling yesterday. Is Romney doing the right thing not allowing Immigration to interfere with hi Economy all the time Tactic? Gibson examines.

Cui Bono! Depressed Anchors and Obama Pundits are having a hard time finding a Silver Lining in the possibility that some or all of ObamaCare will be struck down Thursday but some are saying if it struck down, Obama can run on the popular parts of the Law. Wouldn't a loss be a loss? Gibson looks.

Bain 2.0! Since the "Corporate Raider" Bain Attack failed miserably, President Obama's Campaign and his accomplices in the Media are now trying to gin up a narrative that Bain and Romney were "pioneers" in the overseas outsourcing of jobs. A charge even the Washington Post says is dubious at best. Can this Bain 2.0 attack get the "Bitter Clinger" Vote in the Midwest which has suffered most from industrial decline? Gibson judges.

Plus: Democrats Pre-Election Racial Obsession grows and Feds now running Commercials telling people to get on Food Stamps!