[Video] The Hypocrite!

The Hypocrite! After tub thumping against Bush's "War on Terror" policies to get elected, President Obama has now leaked a story to the New York Times about how he personally orders the assassinations of bad actors in countries we're not necessarily at war with, to pump up his "tough on terror" bona fides for the fall. The Far Left, silent. Gibson examines.

Forget Syria! With all the hand wringing on both sides about the Slaughter of civilians in Syria and what President Obama is doing or isn't doing about it, why isn't anyone taking the President to task for saying and doing nothing about the ongoing slaughter......in Chicago. Forty People Shot, 25 on same day and 11 Dead in just the latest weekend of terror in one of the most dangerous places for Americans in the world. Not a word. Gibson judges.

Plus: Romney wraps it up as Obama plans his Massachusetts Record Assault!