Romney Mentions US Birth Requirement Amid Fresh Birther Controversy, Wants To Require Presidents To “Work In Business”

Submitted by William

On Trump birther day, Mitt Romney made sure to say that you have to be born in the U.S. to be president.

“I was speaking with one of these business owners who owns a couple of restaurants in town,” said Romney at a campaign event here in Las Vegas, mentioning a private roundtable he held ahead of the event with local residents. “And he said you know I’d like to change the constitution.”

“I’d like to have a provision in the constitution that in addition to the age of the president and the citizenship of the president and the birthplace of the president being set by the constitution, I’d like it also to say that the president has to spend at least three years working in business before he could become President of the United States,” said Romney, recalling the businessowner’s suggestion.

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