8.1% Unemployment



Aside from only 115,0000 jobs being created last month, more Americans are jumping ship and giving up on the job market all together!  Who are these people? Are they retirees?  Or former workers who are deciding to be stay at home parents?  Then, a large portion of Americans getting out of the labor force are those who are signing up for disability! Is it too easy to qualify for this safety net? Leslie wonders if disability is the new unemployment!



The Spirit Airlines CEO is telling an ill military vet to go take a flying leap. The company has been under pressure to give a76-year-old Vietnam veteran and former Marine a $197 refund. Is Spirit bungling this crisis? Will it hurt their business? Leslie compares it to past corporate P.R. disasters.


Homeownership an Illusion?

Homeownership is reportedly at a 15-year low. Not only is it becoming harder to own a home, Leslie wonders if the idea of owning a home is losing its allure? And if that's the case, what does that mean for our economy and our culture?