Romney The Extremist! and the Daily Gibson Show Video

John Gibson Program for Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Extremist! According to the New York Times, the Obama Campaign working on the advice of President Bill Clinton has a new Anti-Romney Tactic. After calling Mitt Romney a Flip Flopping Moderate who was hoodwinking "Conservatives" phase two will be for the Obama Campaign and their MSM cohorts to paint Governor Romney as a "Right Wing Extremist." How's that going to work out? Gibson laughs.

Tour! President Obama wants every American to go to College. American Colleges are run by Liberals. America Colleges run by Liberals have jacked up tuitions to the point of almost being Antitrust Violations. A new study finds HALF of recent College Graduates, strapped with huge debt, are unemployed or under-employed with 85 percent of them living back at home with their parents. President Obama is going on his "College Tour" this week to ask for them for their vote and they'll likely give it to him. What's wrong with this picture? Gibson examines.

Plus: GAO Report shows we're becoming Europe as Europe doubles down on being Europe, Entitlement Nation Grows and Ford Motor becomes latest to try and fail with Electric Cars!