Tax Day

Tax evasion --- unintentional or intentional -- is reportedly costing us trillions of dollars!  Do people think tax evasion is different from stealing?  And, a record number of Americans are renouncing their citizenship over high taxes!  Is it really that bad?  Plus, Tom takes another look at the Buffet rule.


It's a tight race between Mitt Romney and President Obama, but the President has significant leads in some key polls including the gender gap, likability and trustworthiness.  Plus, Tom was surprised to see a very flattering piece about Mitt Romney on CBS News!  Tom wonders if we'll hear more positive stories about Mitt Romney as the race goes on!

"Silver Tsunami"

As the baby boomers age and Americans live longer, the population of seniors is expected to skyrocket.  This means there will be A LOT of elderly drivers on the road.  How should we handle a society that's filled with aging and potentially dangerous drivers?  And what do we do when it's time to take our parents' keys away?