Iconic World Trade Center Sphere to Be Homeless

    An iconic World Trade Center artifact is about to be homeless, forced to move from its post-attack home but unwanted by the official memorial at Ground Zero.

    FOX News Radio's Lisa Brady reports:

    Audio clip:

    What's known as "The Sphere," a bronze sculpture that survived 9/11 largely intact, went from being an interim memorial in the months after the attacks, to a monument, dedicated by officials from dozens of nations in 2002.

    But in the coming weeks, the 45,000-pound sculpture has to move and make way for renovations in the park where its been displayed.  The gas line that fuels its eternal flame, turned off.  

    "The Sphere" is not part of the World Trade Center memorial plans, despite thousands of petition signatures gathered by 9/11 families.

    In New York, Lisa Brady, FOX News Radio.