[Video] Tin Ear!

Tin Ear! Mitt haters on the Left and Right have the sharp knives out for Mitt Romney after he added another edited sound clip to Obama's re-election reel, with his "gaffe" about noting being concerned with "poor" people. Even "Establishment" Republicans are taking Mitt to the woodshed. Is directing his message to the "middle class" really so bad or does Mitt just sound out of touch? Gibson judges him.

Silly Season! Noted Birther and Publicity Hound Donald Trump is playing footsie with the Media today with leaks that he'll endorse Newt Gingrich later today in Las Vegas and now leaks that he'll endorse Mitt Romney. This, of course, all coincides with the kick off of the new season of "The Apprentice" on Monday. Wouldn't both men be better off to reject this clown's endorsement? Gibson examines.

Bait & Switch! President Obama announced yet another Underwater Mortgage Mitigation Plan yesterday, wherein he took a swipe at Mitt Romney and his previous comments about allowing this housing market "find its bottom." Since this latest ploy won't ever pass Congress, what about the thing he's actually going to do using Fannie and Freddie; Mortgage "forbearance." Gibson looks.

Plus: WSJ finds that "Nagging" is the real Marriage Killer.