[Video] Split!

Split! As Jon Huntsman drops out of the race, the Anti-Romney forces are stuck in the same situation of splitting their own vote. Since Newt Gingrich was the one to promulgate an Anti-Capitalist Narrative to attack Romney and Rick Santorum didn't, shouldn't Newt get out of the way too, to give Santorum a fighting chance? Gibson examines. Plus: Chris Wallace carves up Newt Flack Rick Tyler like a Turkey on Live TV.

Despicable! Juan Williams got into it yesterday with Brit Hume and Bill Kristol after they failed to share the same sense of outrage he had over the Four US Marines filmed urinating on dead Taliban corpses. Opinions vary all over the spectrum if this act was a "crime" and/or if it rose to level of Abu Ghraib. The Obama Administration is certainly very angry and the Marines may face a Court Martial. Do they deserve it? Gibson rules.

Plus: Jon Huntsman Drops Out and endorses Romney, Obama Media begins narrative that Mormonism is a "racist" Religion as Gibson predicted and Newt weighs in on Seamus the Dog!