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“Duck” and cover!

A deadly new strain of bird flu has been created by Dutch scientists.

A warning issued by U.S. Bio-security officials.

“They only had to change 5 genes to take this from a non-contagious disease; and by the way, as you were saying, H5N1 is about the worst disease we’ve ever known in the fact that it kills 60 percent of those infected. The only good news about it was, it wasn’t contagious. Generally humans didn’t get it from another human, you had to get it from a duck or a pig or whatever.”

That’s Retired Air Force Col. Randy Wilson who’s expertise is Weapons of Mass Destruction speaking with Al at KCOL in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The newly created strain has the potential to kill millions.

“Well now they went in and changed these 5 genes, and now, you know if a person were infected with this and they just sit on an airplane breathing in and out they could infect a large number of people on that airplane. So now we have a disease that could become contagious and kills 60 percent of them.”

Scary stuff!

Buzzing right along:

Just in time for the holidays! Gas prices are taking a tumble.

Is it happening nationally, or just in random spots?

“No. It’s dropping all around the country. The primary reason is that all the uncertainty in Europe has led to fears of a possible recession in Europe that could impact our economy. So there’s fear that the demand for oil could drop, that’s why prices have come down lightly.”

That’s Oil and Gas Analyst with Hodges Capital, Mike Breard speaking with Scott at WERC in Birmingham, Alabama.

Do you see us going below 2.50 a gallon any time soon, Mike?

“Well, I hope we don’t, because that would mean we’re in either a depression or a deep recession. You know, there’s good news and bad news when you get low prices.”

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