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The Fort Worth School District is on Santa’s naughty list, that’s for sure.

The district is banning Santa, the exchanging of gifts, and also the distribution of personal holiday messages in honor of Christmas during class.

Can a school really ban Santa?

“I think the worst thing that the school did is that they put a ban on what they call “personal holiday messages”, and the reason why they banned the kids from exchanging personal holiday message is because, and this is what their memo states, because if they allowed them the kids might exchange religiously themed personal holiday messages and we can’t have religion in our schools, even if it’s the kids who are exchanging it amongst themselves.”

That’s the Director of Litigation at the Liberty Legal Institute Hiram Sasser speaking with Scott at WERC in Birmingham, Alabama.

According to Sasser the school district’s position on this hasn’t changed.

“They decided to allow Santa back in to provide a little PR cover, but they’re still banning the kids from exchanging what they call “personal holiday messages.”

According to District Spokesman Clint Bond, however, students can exchange gifts and cards before and after school and during lunch, and additionally, students can say “Merry Christmas” to one another during the school day. The district’s memo also says “seasonal decorations are appropriate if they are not religious in nature” and classroom parties are allowed if they “serve an appropriate instructional purpose.”

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