[Video] Circus

Circus! Political calculation or otherwise, Mitt Romney took on pass on the Donald Trump/Newsmax Iowa GOP Debate, citing his debate load. He's being panned by some and congratulated by others for the move. Is Romney making a mistake skipping a debate Moderated by a Book and Brand Plugging Birther who use to be for Liberal Policies but is now a darling of some on the right? Gibson praises Romney.

Class War! Unable to run on his record, Obama went all in yesterday pretending to be Teddy Roosevelt raging against the Robber Barons by pushing his two yearlong effort to Sun Set Bush Tax Cuts pitting the 99 Percent against the One Percent. Saying the "rich not paying their fair share" is the "defining issue of our day." Will his red herrings, lies and straw man arguments work in the end? Gibson thinks they just might.

Plus: Anti Crony Capitalism Tea Party falls in line with Newt Gingrich, Is Newt's Weight a Problem and 99ers Demand their "rights" aka more 14 more weeks of Unemployment!