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You better watch what you do in Texas, Big Brother's watching.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is just WEEKS away from launching an unmanned aerial drone to help fight crime.

Is this a tool that police really need?

"I'll tell ya, it's going to be a life saving tool when it comes to high speed pursuits for example. As you know we've seen on TV numerous high speed pursuits throughout the country. Vehicles up to 120 - 30 mph with a dozen police cars chasing the suspect, usually ends up in the death and serious injury of innocent people."

That's Police Detective Steven Rogers of the Nutley, New Jersey Police Department speaking with Scott at WERC in Birmingham, Alabama.

According to Rogers, with the drone:

"We'll be able to eliminate the number of police vehicles pursuing suspects. The drone will be able to track the suspect and then when the suspect stops, the drone will be able to give the coordinates of where that vehicle is."

The drone is a ShadowHawk Helicopter which is six feet long, weighs 50 pounds and fits in the back of an SUV.

What about people concerned about privacy?

"Well first of all, look there's certainly room for abuse in anything anyone does. One is local law enforcement does not have the time to spy on law abiding citizens. Two is, I am absolutely sure, Scott that there will be guidelines coming out of every attorney general's office and every DA's office regarding how these drones are going to be used. And you cannot, and this is something we must make very specific, you cannot invade anyone's privacy; like peek into their windows without a warrant. The warrants do not go away, all the rules are in play as well as with the drones."

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz from Fox News Radio.