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The case of an 8 year-old Ohio boy who tipped the scales at 200 pounds and was taken by state officials because of his weight.

You either fall on one side of the issue or the other. There is NO in-between. It's either:

"The parent neglecting obvious condition of her son, or it's a case of the government agency over-reaching, and really coming in and taking some drastic measures."

That's Family Law Attorney Brett Myers speaking with Forrest at WREC in Memphis, Tennessee.

"You know, a few things I look at - is that first of all, no one is going to argue that the kid did not have a severe weight problem. He's an 8 year old with over 200 pounds, and on anybody's chart, that's not even on the charts; that's way off the charts."

Ok, what's the second?

"The second thing; is that you know, the agency, when I read the comments from the agency to me, overwhelmingly what comes through is how frustrated the agency was. They'd been working with this family for 20 months, had experienced a modest success in that the child was losing weight."

According to Myers, the child began to gain weight again over the last few months.

"What the agency did, is that based on the child's weight, they went into court and convinced the Judge that if they did not remove this child from this family situation that this child would be in imminent harm. And the Judge agreed."

Should the boy have been taken away? Was it really the right move for the state agency to make?

"You know, I rely on the Judge's wisdom to look at the situation, look at the facts that were presented to the Judge that made this decision, and I think ultimately I come down on perhaps it was the right thing to do in this case."

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz from Fox News Radio.