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With winter time on the approach, so is cold season!

What can we do to prevent those annoying colds aside from staying in a bubble?

"The first thing you can do is probably take proper care of yourself to be as fit as possible."

That's Medical Expert Dr. Mitchell Brooks speaking Tony at WHAS in Louisville, Kentucky

The whole idea of avoiding a cold is prevention and avoidance of germs.

Avoid people who are ill.

"If you are ill, cover your mouth when you cough. Try and wash your hands regularly, particularly if you're in frequent contact with door knobs or escalator handles - you can use any one of the commercial hand washing liquids that are available. And, take care of yourself."

Some other things the doctor suggests; flu shots and LOTS of zinc.

There are also natural ways to stave off that pesky cold like sleep, exercise, hot-and-cold showers, oysters, vitamin D, and a nasal rinse.

Buzzing right along.

American soldiers - furious - after the military removed a cross from a Christian chapel.

It happened at a base in northern Afghanistan.

Someone complained about the cross.

"The army did an investigation and they determined that that cross violated army regulations because they say that chapels have to be "religiously neutral" when they're not being used for a worship service."

That's FOX News Radio's Todd Starnes speaking with Bill at WTAM in Cleveland, Ohio.

Among other symbols that are not allowed at that NATO base --

"Crosses, Crucifix's, the Star of David and the Menorah."

Likely NOT to be the last time we hear of this story, or ones like it.

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz from Fox News Radio.