[Video] Elimination!

Elimination! GOP Candidates finished up a duo round of Debates on CBS Saturday Night with Romney and Gingrich standing out, Rick Perry making comeback performance from Wednesday's disaster, lots of complaints from the B Level Candidates and many questioning Herman Cain's grasp of US Foreign Policy. Six Weeks out of Iowa, is it time for some of these folks to step away? Gibson examines. Plus: As Gingrich rises in Polls, can he win with his baggage?

Vile! Alumni and Students continue to rally behind Joe Paterno as more evidence of duplicity from multiple actors comes to light in the Penn State Sex Scandal. Now some pundits are demanding that Penn State needs to "shut down" either the last game of the season and/or all of next season. Is that going too far? Gibson looks. Plus: Report says some Alumni fundraising for Jerry Sandusky's defense?

Plus: Cities and businesses Across America turning on the Marxist "Occupy Movement" and why would Obama deep six countless Union Jobs that would've been created for the Keystone Pipeline to assuage his Enviro Base that wouldn't vote Republican anyway?