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Amid scandal - Coach Joe Paterno fired from Penn State University Wednesday night, along with University President Graham Spanier.

"Is Penn State doing anything correctly here?"

"Yeah, they did the right thing by firing Joe Paterno, and by firing the President."

That's Partner at Goldman McCormick, a Media Relations Agency - Ryan McCormick speaking with Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio.

The firings - following growing outrage at how the school handled sex abuse allegations against former Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky, who was arrested earlier in the week.

What else should the school do?

"They need to fire every single person involved in that scandal, and they need to fire their relatives, too. They have to completely purge the University of the dark consciences that allowed children to be raped in order to protect - you know - a football program."

I bet these two latest firings are just scratching the surface as far as the fallout we'll see at Penn State...

Buzzing right along...

A first grade teacher had a rough day at work - and posted on her Facebook page that she was a "warden for future criminals"...

Well, a New Jersey Judge has ruled teacher Jennifer O'Brien should lose her tenured job because of it...

Should the school fire her?

"Even at face value, yes they can fire her, and yes as an employee you better be darn careful about what you post on Facebook or in social media because employers are watching, and it's not - you may think it's private, but it's not. "

Attorney Susan Solovic - speaking with Chip Franklin at KOGO in San Diego.

O'Brien posted the remark on March 28th of this year - to 333 friends... it was forwarded right along and some parents saw it...

"Most employers today have social media policies, although this is a very new area of law. You know, everything is developing, we're learning as we go. But, most employers recognize that of course they want their employees to be cheerleaders for their brand and all of that in using social media, but they also understand that their employees can get them in a lot of hot water by those postings that they do on Facebook or on Twitter or whatever it might be."

What Solovic suggests, and it really does apply to EVERYONE - not just employees:

"If you don't want it to be posted on a billboard, you don't want the whole world to know - just don't put it out there in the social media world because it's out there, and it's permanent."

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.