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Parents - forget letting your kids get chickenpox the "old fashioned way"...

Now - you can order chickenpox lollipops... yep, you guessed it - lollipops licked by kids who are infected with the pox!

I'm not even making this stuff up!

"It's a result of really, incorrect information and ignorance."

That's Medical Expert, Dr. Mitchell Brooks - speaking with Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio.

How did this all begin? Well, according to the Doctor, some very false information got printed in a medical publication - suggesting that preservatives in chickenpox vaccines - cause autism.

"And it's absolutely false. So you have these parents who are helicopter parents - who read a couple of things online, or are told by their friends that these vaccines are unsafe, and it perpetuates this ridiculous myth, and what they wind up doing is not only putting their children at risk - which would be fine if it were only their children, they put other people at risk, which is really negligent."

You don't even have to stick with ordering the lollipops - you can just order spit!

But, according to the good doctor:

"Chickenpox is not spread by spit. So, you're really not protecting your child. Chickenpox is spread by respiratory secretions."

So really, you're just wasting your money, and putting the health of your child at risk here, then, right?

"Unless you want to dip the lollipop in urine - you're not going to get chickenpox. What's worse is, you don't know what else is on this lollipop. You don't know where this came from, so you're setting yourself up for other diseases. You can even get staph from that!"

The moral of the story - stop with the lollipops! Go with the vaccine. Doctor's orders!

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz from Fox News Radio.