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Halloween is just days away, and this year technology is making it safer for tech savvy trick or treaters and their vigilant parents.

Smart phone applications, out there just in time for Halloween to help you access sex offender registries in your neighborhood, complete with addresses and pictures, so you know where your kids should, and shouldn't be walking.

"Absolutely, the new smart phones, there's a bunch of apps. But probably the top three are find sex offender, sex offender search and been verified has an app."

Security Expert Walt Roberts speaking with Tony at WHAS in Louisville, KY.

The app is downloadable on your Android or iPhone.

"A couple days before, talk to your kids. If they're young kids, normally the parents go with them so you can map out the route you're going."

What about if you've got pre-teens who don't want to be seen with you?

"You can also use, it's called "trick or tracker" app, that you can download, and you put a smart phone on your kid and you can track them where they're going and you can also give them a list of locations they cannot visit."

Buzzing right along:

The CDC recommending routine HPV vaccinations for boys ages 11 and 12 - with Gardasil.

"I guess the question would be if you had children who were pubescent, boys or girls, would you vaccinate them?"

"Look, I think from the medical standpoint this is actually a good thing, because it protects our teenagers."

That was Dr. David Samadi - of Mt. Sinai Medical Center - speaking with the guys at WFLA in Tampa.

Gardisil - protects against infection from human papilloma virus.

And, according to Doctor Samadi:

"We know that the HPV causes cervical cancer, and that's a deadly disease. So in order to protect women, you cannot just vaccinate teenagers and female teenagers, the source of HPV could also come from boys."

Better to be safe, than sorry.

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz from Fox News Radio.