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Skyping - could put you in some digital danger.

A security flaw - in the video chat service - could put internet users worldwide - at risk.

"Hackers can access your address book, and they can potentially access the bowels on your computer, that you're hosting Skype with, in addition to just the Skype messaging itself, whether its phone calls or texts or the video chats."

That's Cyber Security Expert Bill Morgan speaking with Scott at WERC in Birmingham, Alabama.

Bill, any tips on how can Skype users protect themselves?

"One of the things if you want to remain a little bit anonymous is to begin to ratchet up the strength of your privacy settings and turn your location services off."

What is Skype doing to fix the problem?

"You know, the company is aggressively looking at ways to strengthen and enrich security on the product. But I'm reminded - that as a professional, using Skype is probably not appropriate. There's more secure ways to communicate than Skype."

And, as a normal individual consumer, Morgan stresses the importance of knowing the risks.


Buzzing right along:

Halloween is no more in Springfield, NJ public schools.

School officials saying costumes and parties at school are disruptive and that it should be celebrated elsewhere.

"This is a situation with so much bullying and cyber-bullying and school shootings and violence in the schools, I think they're being very, very protective, to the point of being overly protective of the students."

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere speaking with Casey at 95.3 MNC Michiana's News Channel.

Isn't there another way for the school to handle this, aside from banning Halloween from school?

"I think perhaps what they really need to do, is communicate to the parents: Ok, your kids can wear the costumes, but they can't wear masks, they have to be able to show their faces, and they can't wear anything that may be demeaning to any kind of student group or ethnicity. And really put it in the hands of the parents and trust them that they'll try to do the right thing."

And what about those few students that will end up wearing a costume deemed inappropriate?

"If something is inappropriate then they have the power to say, ok you have to put on another costume, or we have to call your parents and have them bring you another costume.

We'll have to see if the school takes your advice, Doc.

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz from Fox News Radio.