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Want to be on welfare? Well, if you do - in Florida - you best be prepared to take a drug test.

Though a Judge just issued a temporary injunction on the sunshine state's new, and quite controversial law.

"It is protecting the individual from a very fundamental principle that you don't have, that the government does not have a right to search you and your premises and things like that, unless there's some type of suspicion. And just because people are poor, doesn't mean that they're drug abusers."

Trial Attorney Chip Merlin speaking with Tony at WHAS in Louisville, Kentucky.

And according to Merlin:

"The courts have typically not allowed that, because it said the government intrudes upon our governmental right to be free from governmental search."

The ACLU filed a suit against the state, last month, calling the law unconstitutional.

We'll definitely have to watch and see where this case goes.


Buzzing right along.

Could your job be making you sick?


According to a new survey of workplace research, folks who feel unfairly treated on the job are more at risk of developing mental health problems and physical ailments.

"I think that just because somebody is angry, hostile, cynical, depressed or has anxiety, which are some of the symptoms of mental health issues that were listed in the studies that are quoted in the Wall Street Journal, that those aren't necessarily precursors to physical illness. I think they make a hyper-leap and perhaps went after the conclusions they already had in their study."

That's Employee Development Consultant and expert on employee morale Ron Newton speaking with Jim at WTAG in Worcester, Massachusetts.

But really, Ron - all jobs are stressful, and involve some level of stress:

"I think the greatest stress that's brought to a job are the very people that work there, and that the hand to hand relational combat that goes on everyday with co-workers, some of whom are extremely immature, are really what drive people nuts."

Among the mental health problems reported, anger, hostility and cynicism, depression and anxiety; among the physical ailments: high cholesterol or heart attacks, as well as higher body-mass index levels or hypertension

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