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A High School in Illinois is limiting bathroom breaks to its students.

It's part of an effort to encourage students not to miss class time.

They get - ready for this - three breaks ... PER SEMESTER!

"Well - when you have to go you have to go. It's a dumb policy as far as I am concerned."

That's Civil Attorney Tanya Gendelmen speaking with Al and Gayle at KCOL in Fort Collins, Colorado.

It works out to 12 breaks a year!

What if the student really, really has to go?

"This will only possibly cause health problems for the children."

Let's ask a Doctor. Doc, will this cause health problems for children?

"There's really no medical reason to kind of, you know, come against this policy."

That was Dr. Jim Meehan speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego.

But can't holding it cause bladder control and other issues?

"They are in class for about 83 minutes. You know, that is not too long to hold it. And in fact, over active bladder is sometimes treated by teaching people and women in particular who have this kind of problem to hold it for about two hours, not to go at the first sign of urgency."

At least two parents are not happy with the idea of their child "holding it" until the end of class.

"With every regulation and set of rules somebody is going to protest it. But you know, from a medical standpoint there is no Doctor in the country that is going to testify that hey, an hour and a half is too long to ask these poor children to hold their urine and you know, stay in class and not miss important material and otherwise."

According to the school's Principal Bill Sanderson, the policy is to ensure that students won't use bathroom breaks as a means to miss out on class.

Any lost class time is to be made up after school.

Buzzing right along:

Qaddafi is dead. The former Libyan leader responsible for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie Scotland died of wounds suffered during his capture on Thursday

"We got lucky that Qaddafi exposed himself in a way that we could whack him from the air."

That was Ed Turzanski, Professor of Political Science and History at La Salle University speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego.

But, that only forced him out into the streets.

"Pay careful attention to what happened on the ground, the mob took care of him."

That mob found him and as Professor Turzanski said "took care of him" from there.

According to Turzanski:

"And the mobs beliefs do not comport with ours."

We'll have to see what the future holds for Libya, now that its former tyrant is dead.

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