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The anti-bullying movement is making its way to "Sesame Street".

"From what we understand, there's several episodes. They're going to be showcasing the problem with cyber-bullying and you know kind of putting the information out there."

That's Cyber-bullying Expert Stephanie Ochoa speaking with Andy Jenks, at WRVA in Richmond, VA.

It's an attempt to reach kids at a young age, because bullying, and now cyber-bullying starts very early, right?

"The generation now is obviously technology and online somewhere some form or fashion so kids are signing on and signing in at a much younger age."

What is cyber-bullying, anyway?

"One of the things with cyber-bullying online, is where kids pretty much call each other names or they're making fake accounts on different social networking sites, pretending to be somebody, claiming things that are untrue, and they do so to actually harm and hurt and harass others. And then you know, they say really ugly things about one another, they're actually, what studies are showing is they're actually meaner online than they would be in person."

How can a parent tell if cyber-bullying is happening to their child?

"It's recommended for parents to really zone in on, is that if a child seems to be a little more angry or a little more withdrawn from their normal activities, especially if they're usually signing in to their computer, but yet they're withdrawing from that, and they're withdrawing from a lot of other things, and seem to be just really kind of different in behavior, then go and initiate some conversation with them and see if you can find out why they're not perhaps going online or they're angry when they go online or something."

Buzzing right along;

2012 Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain seems to be picking up some serious speed as far as popularity goes.

"Well, I mean he's certainly got the momentum right now, I think that's indisputable you know everyone saw him on the debate the other night sitting right next to Mitt Romney, his 9-9-9 plan was essentially the focus of that debate, he's got a bestselling book coming out this weekend and even the White House weighed in on his 9-9-9 plan so he's getting attention from the top levels, which I think is a good thing for his campaign."

That was Jonathan Easley, a Staff Writer at The Hill, speaking with Sergio at KURV in McAllen, TX.

Will Cain be able to sustain the momentum?

"It's great for Herman Cain to have this momentum - but now that he's the front-runner essentially he's going to have a lot more scrutiny on not just his 9-9-9 plan but people are going to be wanting to know if he can talk just as authoritatively on other subjects, and so yeah, we'll have to see how long he can sustain something like this."

We'll have to see if Cain's currently popularity has the staying power that's needed to get the GOP Presidential "nod".

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz from Fox News Radio.