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The Occupy Wall Street protests, now heading online?

The FBI is investigating threats from a hacking ring which calls itself "Anonymous".

"Anonymous. Do we have any idea who anonymous is, or are?"

"They are anonymous. It is a collection of individuals who have a common interest in what they call 'hacktivism' activities."

Cyber Security Expert Bill Morgan speaking with Tony Cruise at WHAS in Louisville, KY.

The group's goal is to erase the New York Stock Exchange from the internet on Monday.


What's their deal? Is this just fun for them?

"Yeah, I think for some of them it's fun. For some of them maybe there's some intriguing challenges where they can flex their cyber skills and show off some of their talent."

So how credible are these threats against the Stock Exchange?

"I think for starters, they're not going to crash the stock exchange. They may have mentioned they were going to go after the website, but that's just got basic corporate information and press releases and things like that in it. If they were successful at all, it would just be a way to say hey we're making a statement."

Morgan warns that anyone involved in this sort of hacking activity will be prosecuted for malicious behavior. And if it's a state sponsored kind of a thing it gets to be a whole lot more serious.


Buzzing right along.


It's a new program being developed by the TSA.

To help frequent flyers in the U.S. get through the airport security screening faster.

"If in fact you are approved for the program, they let the carrier know. Delta or American, in these two cases and then they code that into the bar code when you buy the ticket. So when you buy the ticket, after TSA at the airport scans that ticket when you first go through the line, they shove you over to the pre-check line."

Former FBI Assistant Director Bill Gavin, speaking with Rob Johnson at WGST in Atlanta which is actually one of the small number of cities currently testing the program. Other cities include; Miami, Dallas, and Detroit.

And just as Bill mentions, those participants head to the pre-check lines, which in essence are the "express" security lanes since you've already gotten a pre-security screening from the TSA if you are a program participant.


"There's one little stipulation there too. In order to avoid gaming the system, what happens is they may pull you out of that line and put you in a regular line as well, so there's a random spot check."

We'll have to see if this program "flies".

I'm Jessica Curtis, and that's your Talk Radio Buzz from Fox News Radio.