John Gibson Program for Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christie and the Purity Test!I John Gibson believe Chris Christie probably isn't going to and probably shouldn't run because he's still not ready and he will be savaged by lots of my listeners and competitors

Does it sound to you like Christie isn't running? Are we losing too many good people by demanding Conservative Purity? Will YOU not vote for a Moderate Conservative Republican?

I Want To Pay Higher Taxes says another Rich Socialist! Do you think "Wealthy" people should pay even Higher Taxes because they're benefited the "rest of us" helped them get rich? 888

Nobama! Needing His Base, Obama Stops being President, becomes Full Time Class Warrior! Do you think Obama can win ginning up his base on Class Warfare? It polls well. Is this the real Obama, the Idealogue, the Socialist and Redistributionist?

Karl Rove, is the former Chief Advisor to President George W. Bush and fellow Texan, joins Gibson

The Desperation for Racism! We discussed the shameful Morgan Freeman and CBC Tea Party Racism charge yesterday....

In a Post Racial World.....where people have to MAKE UP Racism.......What is the Left to Do? Kelli Goff on MSNBC introduced a NEW RACISM........the Kind you can't see Does the Left and the So Called Black Community need to stop with this racism thing? Or is she right, it's just hidden now?