[Video] Brutal

Brutal! Texas Governor Rick Perry has been getting a shellacking from Conservative Pundits across the board for his performance in last week's Fox News/Google Debate and Florida Straw Poll numbers. Is he already done after his short lived meteoric rise? Gibson examines. Plus: Is Romney the de facto "best chance" to beat Obama?

Big News! Multiple sources are reporting that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is seriously considering running for President amidst the lackluster poll numbers of the current "leading candidates" in the GOP Field. Is it too late and does Christie risk getting the Perry treatment if it turns out he's not sufficiently up to the task and /or "pure" enough for the Conservative base? Gibson judges.

Plus: Why it's stupid for Republicans to re-litigate Immigration this election cycle, George Will says GOP is "too Southern" and Post Racial Heartbreak as Morgan Freeman says opposition to Obama is born of "racism."