By Todd Starnes

There's a controversy brewing at Kansas State University after the school band was asked to remove a formation of the slogan, "Every Man a Wildcat" - because of complaints.

Critics had complained that the slogan, used since the 1950s, is not inclusive to women because of the word "man."

"It is my understanding that there are certain members of the Wildcat nation that feel excluded by the 'Every Man a Wildcat' phrase," Dean of Student Life Pat Bosco told The Daily Collegian. "There were enough people who wished for it to just be removed.

Kansas State spokesman Jeff Morris said students are still free to use the phrase but the university will not use 'Every Man a Wildcat' in any official capacity. It's a controversy about a non-controversy, he told The Manhattan Mercury.

"As we strive for balance, we're fine with student, alumni and the community using the phrase," he told the newspaper. "At the same time, we have to be sensitive that some people are bothered by it."