“Fair Share”?

**Leslie Gold sits in for Tom**

Many of the country's richest folks are also generous job creators!  Leslie explains why we should all love rich people.  PLUS: Obama is inOhiotoday pushing his jobs/deficit plans.  Should rich people be forced to pay their "fair share" to make sure bridges and roads are shiny and new?

Kick 'Em Out!

Young adults are struggling to find jobs and living at home longer.  Leslie understands the economy is bad --- but she says parents need to kick their loser kids out of the house ASAP!  Of course, parents want to help their kids, but how much is too much?

Forgive Student Loans?

Every time a 20-something makes a payment to their student loan, they're not paying for new clothes or a fancy dinner.  That's why some people say forgiving student loans will stimulate the economy.  Leslie, however, thinks this is a terrible idea!  And, is college still worth the price of admission?