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Nine Amish men - sentenced to up to 10 days in jail after refusing to pay a few fines...

The fines -- for not putting an orange reflective triangle on the back of their horse-drawn buggies.

"I think reason - the main reason why the government wants to force people to protect themselves - because then people get in accidents - they get badly hurt - health care costs are high... you know - all those cascading reasons why they want to..."

"I think they just like the power."

Civil Attorney Justin Leto - speaking with Chip Franklin at KOGO in San Diego...

The men - say the triangle violates their religion's modesty rules - which forbid bright colors.

"Eight other states in the United States - have already said you know what - we're not going to force these folks to do this with the bright orange because they've already come up with an alternative method - they have this other tape that they use - that proves to be safe enough."

The Graves County Kentucky Jail provided the men with dark-colored jumpsuits... then men - being represented by the ACLU - are appealing their case to Kentucky's Supreme Court.

"The state of Kentucky wants to waste taxpayer money litigating this case against the ACLU - when they know that they're going to lose. If I were a resident of Kentucky I'd be really upset that my government is wasting my money fighting a case like this - when there's already is an alternative approach that the Amish have offered."

We'll have to see if you're right, Justin...

Buzzing right along...

Watch out -- Heidi Klum could give you a virus...

Deemed the "Most dangerous celebrity"...

"She is. You know - this is a report that's put out once a year by McAfee -- and they track celebrities that tend to be associated with the highest volume of malware // spyware and things like that coming off their sites... and she got the distinguished honor this year of being number one - followed closely by Cameron Diaz."

Cyber Security Expert Bill Morgan - speaking with Tony Cruise at WHAS in Louisville, KY.

Number three --- a US Celebrity Newcomer -- Piers Morgan.

How's this work, Bill?

"These people interested in collecting information about you will take these celebrities or people that are newsworthy - clone their websites - or at least redirect you off their websites - and onto things that allow you to click click click, and they're loading all sorts of goodies on your computer."

How do you know when it's happening?

...or do you know?

"You know - it's a never ending battle - and most of the time - you do not really know - you have to assure that you've taken personal steps to keep your malware and spyware programs updated but they're always a step behind."

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