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SAT scores taking a plunge to the lowest level on record!

And that's just for the critical reading portion of the college entrance exam.


"But what their excuse is - it's simply that more non-native English speakers are taking the test - and that's the explanation for the reading scores falling."

That was Education Expert Bob Bowdon speaking with Chip at KOGO in San Diego.

According to Bowdon - the published numbers from the College Board says 27 percent of students taking the test are NOT from English households.

"If I were to guess that number nationally - I would never guess something like 27 percent. That is pretty surprising, to me."

Additionally - combined reading and math scores reached their lowest point since 1995.

What can we do to boost the scores?

"I think experimentation should happen in all facets of education - that means education technology should thrive and grow - charter schools should - vouchers and private schools doing all kinds of different forms of education - and different kinds of schools - vocational schools should form as well as dramatic arts and creative arts schools, as well as science and math focused schools - all kinds of different models - would work best because kids learn differently. t only makes sense to me that we should have different kinds of schools, as long as we have different kinds of kids."

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