[Video] Grim

Grim! Politico is reporting that Senate Democrats think President Obama's "Jobs Bill" is unrealistic. Bloomberg did a Poll on the Economy and President Obama that is shockingly bad. CNN is reporting that President Obama will be making more "Bus Tours" this fall . At a plant in North Carolina (that is shipping jobs to Costa Rica) President Obma will once again today, try to use class war rhetoric to sell a Municipal Unionized Employee Bailout, he calls a "jobs bill." Gibson judges him.

Purity! After getting booed by Tea Party faithful in Florida on Monday for his stances on In State Tuition for Illegal Aliens and trying by Executive Fiat to nearly mandate "Gardasil" to Pre-Teens, Texas Governor and "True Conservative" Rick Perry has come face to face with the "problem" of Tea Party Purity. Will being off their reservation sink him as fellow unpure candidate Mitt Romney gains in the polls? Isn't it counter-productive to demand purity when nobody is really pure? Gibson examines.

Plus: Obama's Coattails evaporate and US Census Shows Shocking Number of "Boomerang" Adults moving back home