(Listener Email) Need A Job? Go To North Dakota!

While discussing poverty and jobs earlier, Tom discussed how North Dakota was begging for workers. Well, he wasn't kidding. An economic developer from from North Dakota sent us this email ..

"Dear Tom,

Thanks so much for mentioning the availability of jobs in North Dakota. Our state is booming and is in need of hundreds of truck drivers, engineers, oil field workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and many other types of workers. I also appreciated you telling the caller who has exhausted her funds how to approach a potential employer, and I'd like to reiterate the importance of making that personal connection.

I found my North Dakota job via the Internet a few years ago. I corresponded back and forth with an employer and then talked several times on the phone before she invited me to visit. My family and I had never been here and have no ties to anyone in the state but, because I needed a job, we packed up and moved. It's not easy to be a newcomer but at least I am working and we have a place to live. Please invite your viewers to visit the ND Department of Commerce and Jobs ND for information about opportunities in our state. We need workers!

Thanks for your attention.


Patricia ..."

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