[Video] Turnabout!

Turnabout! The Tea Party Certified "Pure" candidate Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) got hammered by Candidates and Booed by the Tea Party Crowd at last night's GOP Debate in Florida after being confronted on his stances on Mandatory Inoculation and Out of State Tuition for Illegals. Did Rick Perry just jump the shark and/or is this the latest example of the folly of holding GOP candidates to "Purity Tests"? Gibson Examines.

Leadership! After getting the run of the Left wanting to re-litigate the Iraq War, John gets to finally speak to a great man, to get his perspective. Gibson speaks with Vice President Dick Cheney, author of the new book, "In My Time."

Plus: Mitt must be real happy today and President Obama travels to Ohio to flog his "Jobs Bill" which is really another bail-out of Unionized Municipal Employees.