Perry Gets Pounded

Tom takes a closer look at last night's GOP debate and the attacks on frontrunner Rick Perry.  Is the Texas Governor starting to retreat on Social Security?  Then, Governor Perry got hit on all sides over his 2007 HPV-vaccine mandate!  Will this admitted mistake sink his 2012 campaign?

Debate Highlights

Is Rick Perry's immigration policy too moderate for the GOP?  Did Michelle Bachman save her campaign by slamming ObamaCare last night?  Is Romney getting better at explaining/defending RomneyCare?  And if Newt comes off like the smartest guy on the stage, why is everyone counting him out?

Corporate Cronyism

Rick Perry was accused of corporate cronyism -- Tom takes a look at cronyism in the White House!  The President is taking heat after the sudden collapse of Solyndra, a company that received a $535 million federal loan to build a solar panel plant inCalifornia.  Tom puts the Solyndra story to his Smell Test.