[Video] Son of Stimulus!

Son of Stimulus! President Obama spoke in the Rose Garden today, flanked by Public Sector Unionized Employees, including Cops, Fireman and Teacher, imploring the Congress to bail them out for another year under the guise of "stimulus spending." He also said he's not interested in "playing politics." Gibson examines.

Scum! Noted Keynesian Crank Paul Krugman decided yesterday to drop a Nuclear Moonbat Bomb on the otherwise cordial and moving bi-partisan 9/11 Ceremonies held in NYC, PA and DC; by writing a horrific screed against President Bush and former Mayor Giuliani in the New York Times. Gibson judges him.

Pivot! After Ten Years of War, many notable commentators are saying we should take our "victory" in the "War on Terror" draw down, spend less on the Military and Overseas entanglements and take care of "Fortress America." Have we essentially "won" the Wars? Gibson speaks with Fox News Strategic Analyst Ralph Peters.

Plus: Is Governor Rick "Ponzi Scheme" Perry in the deep end of the pool on Social Security?