[Video] Winners & Losers!

The Texan! Governor Rick Perry (R-MA) hit the National Stage last night thrilling base Conservatives with his No Nonsense Performance and sending Obama anchors into fits of hysteria. Did he live up to expectations? Plus: Romney shines again, Bachmann officially marginalized, Huntsman over-sells himself to moderates and Ron Paul is not going to be the President (cue angry callers.) Gibson on the Debate.

10 Years! Did the Attacks of 9/11 ultimately bring this Country together or tear us further Apart? Gibson takes a look at the tenor of American Rhetoric and demands for retribution after the attacks to what our discourse and foreign policy ultimately became, Ten Years after America was attacked. Gibson speaks with Military Historian Victor Davis Hanson and Democratic Activist Jane Fleming Kleeb.

Plus: The 400 Billion Dollar Political Gambit.