[Video] Workin’ Man!

Workin' Man! Teamster President James P. Hoffa doubled down last night and blamed Fox News for negative reactions to his Tea Party Bashing Screed before President Obama's Speech in Detroit on Monday. Plus, why is President Obama framing the debate as the battle between the Union "workin' man" and the rest of us, when most people aren't in Unions and Most Tea Partiers are "working people." Gibson examines.

300! Reports are that President Obama will announce 300 Billion in additional "spending in his Kabuki "Jobs Speech" (see Campaign speech) tomorrow. Most of it being continuations of Payroll Tax Cuts, Unemployment Extensions, Pay-offs to State Pension obligations and impotent "Jobs Bank" proposals. How will his base react to Obama not spending "Trillions" more on Solar Plants, Bridges and High Speed Rail? Gibson looks. Plus: Several GOP Politicians to Skip Obama's Speech! Is that disrespectful?

Plus: Obama REALLY want out of Iraq, Does Palin need to ante up, Obama sends another Billion to another California Solar Plant, Mitt Romney comes out with 160 Page "Jobs Plan," how much is riding on tonight's GOP Debate for Rick Perry?