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Game day drug testing for NFL players is starting with this upcoming season.

But they'll only be testing for performance enhancing sorts of drugs.

Not recreational drugs -- like pot.

"You know - if there's coke in the system - or heroin - or anything else - that's cool. That just doesn't seem right."

"Yeah, and that's the ironic part about all this - I mean - if you really care about the health and well being of the players - which the NFL says is why they want to do this testing - you have to care about the overall health and well being of the players... and if they're using cocaine or marijuana - that could affect the player's health also. And you have to do what's necessary to protect them on that end also, but they don't seem to care."

That was sports attorney Rob Romano speaking with Gary Allen at WOOD in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The NFL says that the testing isn't overly disruptive - and respects each clubs game day process.

As for the testing? Well, it'll be at random with every player being subject to testing on a year round basis with NO notice.

Buzzing right along.

Troop levels in Iraq -- will drop by the end of the year -- down to 3,000 remaining on the ground there.

This marks a MAJOR downgrade in force strength.

According to Lt. Col. Jeff Addicott - those remaining troops:

"They're supposed to be "trainers" quote unquote. But when you're out there training with the military - who's going to ensure your security? Because I guarantee these folks are going to be kidnapped - they're going to be tortured - we're going to see them beheaded on screen - we're going to see all sorts of horrible things happen."

That was Addicott speaking with Charlie Parker at WOAI in San Antonio, Texas.

Why do you say that, Jeff?

"Because that force structure is ridiculous. This is a still a very dangerous environment. The country's only been up on its legs for about 4 years really. And it's the fourth quarter of a football game - and the coach wants to pull us out when there's ten minutes to go. Well - the other side - obviously is going to go. Well obviously - the other side is going to score several touchdowns."

So the troop draw down isn't a good idea, then - in your opinion, Jeff?

"It's just too early to leave."

Addicott isn't the only one that is up in the arms with the decision... Senior commanders are said to be LIVID at the decision -- which by the way -- has already been signed off by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

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