Twoppics, taking a look at what people on Twitter are saying about some of Mother Nature's craziness.

Starting with the weakest of the storms, but the most current threat.  Tropical Storm Lee is lashing the Gulf Coast with heavy rains and some gusty winds.  Some of the biggest concerns were for flooding in New Orleans, not far from where Lee made landfall.  That's where FOX's Casey Stegall is. A little piece of good news, though---levees and pumps are working, keeping New Orleans itself dry.  But NASCAR fans are cursing the storm on their couches---rain from Lee delayed the Advocare 500 in Atlanta.  This storm is as much about the pictures as the rain, with NASA tweeting satellite pictures:

and FOX 10 in Mobile, Alabama tweeting their favorite pictures:

NOAA is tweeting updates on Lee, and our next storm...Katia:

In the space of just a couple hours, this storm went from a tropical storm to a Category 2 hurricane.  And she's supposed to keep getting her act together, likely to become a major Category 3 hurricane as she swirls over the Atlantic.  That's Senior Hurricane Specialist Michael Brennan at the National Hurricane Center.  FEMA Director Craig Fugate:

and @Ants_SNEweather are both tweeting about the forecast for Katia:

While @ some-form-of-jamie-jumbled-unknown is making jokes at Katia's expense:

Lastly, a hurricane that's been and gone, but still wreaking havoc in the Northeast.  It's been a week since Irene blew through New Jersey, New York and Vermont, but flooding is still an issue in all 3 states, as is the cleanup and rebuilding from a storm that took down trees and washed out roads.  President Obama flew into northern New Jersey, touring the damage in Paterson, where he said that residents shouldn't worry that Congress will withhold federal aid money.  Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker:

and @Jeannie_Moon are talking about ways to help:

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