[Video] Lame!

Lame! After preaching about Political "gamesmanship" in the Rose Garden yesterday, President Obama then set into motion an attempt to bigfoot the GOP's September 7th Reagan Library Debate. Soon after, Boehner and DeMint called his bluff and he backed off. Meanwhile, the Far Left media is in a tizzy about the "unprecedented" nature of the "disrespect" the Republicans showed Obama by asking him to re-schedule his speech. Gibson judges them.

Desperation! The Congressional Black Caucus' Summer Rear End Covering/ Tea Party are Evil Racists "Jobs" Tour has been capped off with Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN) saying Tea Party people wanted to see Black Americans, "...hanging from a tree." Is this the kind of despicable race baiting we have to look forward to during the remainder of this election cycle? Gibson speaks with Tea Party Activist Kevin Jackson.

Plus: Tea Party picketing Tea Party over Romney Speech at Tea Party Event stupidity, Good Looking people make more money, have easier lives, the sun rose this morning, death, taxes and Gibson defends Cheney from Moonbat Outrage!