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An all out brawl - erupting at a New York amusement park on Tuesday -- between Park Rangers and Muslim Patrons who:

"They were all told that they couldn't ride on some of the rides - because of the Muslim garb on their heads."

Jamie Allman - from KFTK St. Louis, MO.

The park regulations on some rides do NOT allow for the wearing of ANY headgear.

Allman spoke to Attorney Seth Berenzweig - and wanted to know:

"Let me ask you something -- is this a civil rights issue?"

"Well - it's a civil rights issue - ultimately the question becomes whether or not the civil rights were violated - I don't think that they were. But it does raise that kind of an issue - and you know -the question would really become whether this action by the park was intended to treat people differently based upon their religion - or whether it was just a very narrow and reasonable restriction to provide for people's safety."

The altercation all began when park officials offered refunds to the members of the Muslim group.

Retired Police Lieutenant Joe Key gave his take - to the folks at WSJK in Champagne, IL:

"The take on it is simple - the police are there to protect the safety of the individuals and the safety of the public in general. This is a safety issue."

Nutley, NJ Police Detective Steven Rogers echoed Lt. Key's sentiments while speaking with Charlie at WOAI in San Antonio.

"We have to comply to rules and regulations and laws of this country. Now - the problem as I see it - is that certainly the police did not go overboard - they used a lot of restraint - from what I understand a lot of diplomacy - but look - you and I know that since we were children we were always told to remove headgear when we went on rides because of safety reasons - so it has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with safety."

Two park Rangers were injured in the scuffle - when they jumped in to break it up. Fifteen people in total were arrested for disorderly conduct -- though the disturbance involved upwards of 40 people.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.