Twoppics, taking a look at what people on Twitter are saying about some of the most gruesome accident stories of the day.

All that digging and watering and planting can really upset a garden, and an Arizona man is lucky to see - lucky maybe to even be alive - after the garden fought back.  FOX News Radio's Dave Anthony reporting.  The Twittersphere is keeping an eye on developments, including @live_green_tips:

though shears in the eye gives a whole new meaning to "living green."

Another outdoorsman is in the headlines after taking a cue from the Hollywood movie "127 Hours," chopping off his own toes to free himself after getting stuck.

That's Robbyn Hart from FOX News Radio affiliate KOA in Denver.  The Twitterverse is getting stuck in this story, including @willysjeep:!/willysjeep/status/109007075731972096

and @eheinlen:

Just watch those toes, folks.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, a man lost his head after getting to an argument with his ex-wife.  Literally.  The unidentified 46-year-old lit a trailer of his belongings on fire, tied a cable around a tree, hopped in his SUV -- attached to the trailer -- and roped that cable around his neck.  Cops and firefighters tried to coax him out of the truck, fearing for his life.  He gunned it, instead.  The man's body was yanked right out the back window of his Ford Explorer, his head was yanked clean off. The story lead @Out4Vengeance to his own conclusion:

And left @brooksbayne wondering:!/brooksbayne/status/108958364188409857

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