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President Obama's Uncle Oyango -- arrested - and then held on an immigration detainer.

It's all because he was pulled over for making a rolling stop in front of the police.

He almost caused an accident with a police cruiser and he blew a point .14 - way above the legal limit.

What is an immigration detainer anyway?

"Simply put - a person like this gentleman was ordered removed either in absentia or had a day in court - and now somehow was caught in the system - and the Government wants him turned over to immigration authorities - for what happened in the past."

Immigration Attorney Michael Wildes speaking with Paul Harris - who's filling in for Tony Cruise - at WHAS in Louisville.

Will he get his day in court, Michael?

"Technically - he is not entitled to his day in court. A skillful lawyer should be able to make a case."

Will he be treated differently because of his last name?

"There was an arrogance that I saw - when he was offered a phone call he said - well just call the White House - and another relative sort of echoed that - you know - ostensibly the Justice system should not care who you're related to, but this could be the basis upon which a motion to reopen proceedings could go forward."

So - will the name dropping do anything to the President?

That's what Forrest Goodman at WREC in Memphis wanted to know:

"So your opinion is little or no political fallout for the President."

"...That's right."

That's the answer, from Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum.

Why, Jeff?

"All President's have relatives they'd rather not have, and I think the American public is forgiving."

Just think about it; Billy Carter, Roger Clinton, and now there's Uncle Oyango - Obama.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.