[Video] Lone Star!

Lone Star! Texas Governor Rick Perry is now trouncing Mitt Romney is new Polls of GOP Candidates for 2012. While the Obama Media gets their ducks in a row trying to paint Perry as an Intellectually Challenged, Extremist, Jesus Freak, some "establishment Republicans" are still hesitant to jump on board the Perry Train. Plus: Does Romney need to attack Perry or just continue to fly under the radar? Gibson speaks with Washington Post Columnist Marc Thiessen.

Jobs! President Obama is going to give his big "Jobs" Speech next week. Conservative Columnist Tony Blankley says the only hope he has to change our dire economic condition would be for President Obama come out and publicly repudiate his own Policies and Ideology. Tony Blankley joins Gibson.

Plus: If Rick Perry is "dumb" what does that make President Obama?