Twoppics, taking a look at what people on Twitter are saying about the hottest weather related stories of the day.

The Northeast continues to try to dry out in the aftermath of Hurricane #Irene.  That's taking longer than many would like in places like Vermont, where entire towns are cut off by flooding, as well as in New Jersey, where FOX News Radio's @jeffmonosso reports:

New Jersey's Governor, Chris Christie, was in the area surveying damage, which he posted to his twitter:

While @jason_baker says:

and @hiddenboston

are sharing some of their favorite photos of the storm.

From too much rain to not enough rain.  Severe drought conditions in Texas and Oklahoma are going to effect the economy, possibly for years to come, according to some.

That's FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal reporting.  @DeionSandersJr, son of the former NFLer, is rejoicing in the little rain Dallas saw Tuesday:

Meanwhile, @JHornberg notes just how serious the situation's become:

Those drought conditions are playing a role in an urban wildfire Tuesday.  The blaze broke out in northeastern Oklahoma City, forcing people to flee homes endangered by the flames. 

@CassiusDKalb is seeing a trend in natural disasters:!/CassiusDKalb/status/108623531495006208

@BrittCouch is telling people where to evacuate to:

and @garytx points out that in this age of digital media, there are twitter accounts to follow to get the latest information on the fire:

A marsh fire has led to a state of emergency in New Orleans, while a wildfire is also burning in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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