Is Rick Perry “Dumb”?

This week, a Politico columnist asks "Is Gov. Rick Perry Dumb?"  Tom doesn't think Perry is a stupid man, and wonders if some are comparing him to the often-maligned fellow Texan President George W. Bush.  Are the American people ready for another President withTexas"swagger"?  And, is President Obama any smarter than Perry or Bush? 

Dumping Unions!

Just months after it was signed into law, Wisconsin Governor Walker's controversial "anti-union" bill is already creating major changes in the state.  SomeWisconsinworkers are turning their backs on public unions, and Tom wonders if the trend will spread to other states.

Ugly Truth?

Do "ugly" people have a disadvantage in the workplace?  ATexaseconomics professor thinks so and says they need legal protection.  Does he have a point?  And what about short people, or fat people?