So Rick Perry is already being attacked as "dumb". You have to expect this sort of attack on Republicans. It's what liberals and Dems do when they run into someone whose arguments they perceive as threats.


Remember, George W. Bush was constantly attacked as dumb. H.W. Bush got a bit of that too. Remember the grocery scanner deal?


Eisenhower was attacked as dumb. He turned out to be a pretty good president. Matter of fact, the one attacked as dumb often turns out to be smarter.


And the reverse is also sometimes true. The candidate touted as smart turns out to be ... well, not so much.


Take Barack Obama. We've been told how smart he is, how thoughtful, how cool and analytical. Well, if he's so smart, why can't he seem to get the economy going? Results matter, or should matter.


So I asked the question today, is it possible that President Obama just isn't as smart as people say? And by the way, as he says?


Wow! What an emotion laden question. The call board lit up like a Vegas slot machine hitting the jackpot. And people so very very angry. How can you ask that question? He's the President of the United States. He was President of the Harvard Law Review, for gawdsakes!


Well, if he's so smart, why haven't his big ideas worked? Results should say something about smarts.


Right or wrong?

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