[Video] The cleanup!

Hype! Pundits and "Journalists" across the political divide are chiding the Media and Politicians for "over-hyping" Hurricane Irene, which turned out not to be quite as powerful as expected. After Katrina, can you blame anyone for being extra cautious? Gibson speaks with FNC Meteorologist Janice Dean.

Foaming! Nothing gets Liberals and Far Left Cable Types more foaming at the mouth than the re-emergence of former Vice President Dick Cheney. With Cheney's new book coming out tomorrow, those oldies but goodies like "War Criminal" and "Darth Vader" on being spewed again. Seems like 2006. Lib Pundits and even George Will are angry there's no "apology" in his new tome. What does he have to apologize for? Gibson says nothing.

Plus: Crazy Keynesians using Irene to push Obama for more "Infrastructure" (see Union) Jobs, Robert Reich blames Fox News and the WSJ for lack of Infrastructure spending and 99ers Demanding Action from Obama ahead of next week's speech!